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Drivers...need to know!!!

  • 300 laps each night. Each night the purse is independent. 

  • $5,000 bonus for the best average finishing position between both nights.

  • $10,000 to win each night. Purse pays thru 25th position. Pay breakdown at the bottom of the page. PURSE IS GUARANTEED! 

  • Standing starts and restarts.

  • No cautions, race only stops for cars blocking most of track, fire, flips, safety concern, or major accident. Red will be displayed.

  • Purse is paid out each night once results are official in the Turn 3 outfield pits.

  • RV parking/camping is available in the BACK pit area only. Everyone camping, must have have a pit pass. We have NO hookups.

  • No big heavy trucks, RVs, toters, in the infield (policy of Devils Bowl). Call Jack if you think your rig is too big.  In field parking is $100 (limited, first come, first serve. Spots still available, can purchase at pit gate)

  • Infield parking closes at 5pm Friday and Saturday. No vehicle traffic to the infield after 5pm each night. NO EXCEPTIONS! This is for track prep purposes. 

  • Mandatory Driver meeting each day at 5pm. (Turn 3 outfield pits)

  • Mandatory Scorers meeting each day at 5:30pm. (Turn 3 outfield pits)

  • Score keepers MUST have a pit pass. 

  • Cars line up each night at 5:45pm. WE START ON TIME! 

  • LIVE PPV of the event is being streamed online at Tell your friends and family that can't make it to tune in live!

  • Event shirts are available at the Pit Gate Friday and Saturday Get your shirt early.

  • If you need anything urgent, please call or text Jack @ 713-854-2626 or Brad @ 713-894-3748

  • 1 scorer required per car (must have pit pass). Video loops are used to verify score cards.

  • Race-receivers are not required, but are STRONGLY encouraged.

  • Pitting is allowed, driver changes are allowed.

  • Rules are all safety related.

  • If you have any problems, questions, or concerns , PLEASE CONTACT BRAD OR JACK by Cell/Text. Brad- 713-894-3748. Jack- 713-854-2626

Guaranteed Purse Breakdown for each night. Paid nightly after score cards are confirmed:

1st: $10,000

2nd: $2,500

3rd: $1,500

4th: $1,250

5th: $1,000

6th: $750

7th: $700

8th: $600

9th: $550

10th: $500

11th-15th: $250

16th-25th: $200

Best average finishing position between both nights: $5,000 bonus

Questions? Contact Us

We love to talk or text about this race.

Rules - Brad Dixon 713-894-3748
Registration - Jack Barfield 713-854-2626

Thanks! Message sent.

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